From City to Nature in San Francisco

One of the most appealing things about San Francisco is it’s location.  Like check out the bay!  How beautiful is it?!

Directly across the Golden Gate Bridge is Golden Gate Natural Recreation area.  Plenty of amazing places to stop and snap a picture of the bridge and the city scape  The city, beach and woods are all just so close.

Lynette, the new friend I mentioned in my San Francisco by foot post took me to see the redwoods at Muir Woods.  The Redwood groves are as huge as you always imagined and beautiful.  The air so crisp you feel like you’re doing an ‘oxygen cleanse’ or something! There are ‘tours’ you can join to see the woods for $50+, but if you find your way there it only costs $5 to enter and there are literally days worth of treks you can make and from some you can even see ocean views.  We kinda got lost and missed the ocean views unfortunately.

Real close by is Muir Beach and Stinson Beach.  Spectacular views… with incredibly windy roads.  Take those car sick tablets!  Here’s some pics of our adventure.


So if you want to take the expense out of San Francisco but still get a little adventure on, I highly recommend a day in the city (at least) and a day in nature!  The beaches aren’t quite as ‘golden’ as the Gold Coast in Australia but the shore line with all its rock formations sure is beautiful and reminds me a little of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

One more week till it’s back to work… currently blogging from LAX airport whilst waiting for my flight to Auckland and then on to the South Pole…. I mean, Invercargill.

Blessed and grateful for the many, many friends God has blessed me with!