Australia Day watching an American band

Australia day Brissy show

For the first time in four years, I was home in Australia for ‘Australia Day’.  It was HOT!  Spent the morning with family and then went and saw the American band, Skillet play at the Tivoli Centre!

Here are some links to memories of my ‘Australia Day’s’ in the US…

Australia Day 2010 at Outback Steakhouse

Australia Day 2009 with Tommy Emmanuel and Rick Price and then of course a visit to Outback Steakhouse

Australia Day 2008 Second annual trip to the Outback steakhouse

Australia Day 2007  was when the Outback Steakhouse tradition began.  My American friends and any token Aussie’s I could find bombarded the most ‘Australian’ restaurant that exists in the US.  I was surprised that they didn’t even know it was Australia day and weren’t capitalising on it!  I would have been selling homemade Pavlova’s!!!   I even brought my little stash of dodgy Australia Day paraphernalia to decorate our tables all up!

So 2011 – Australia Day with an American band.  Skillet show was great!  I kinda wondered how it would compare after having seen them in the US a couple of times… with all their bells and whistles… and pyrotechnics!

Here’s a clip of Skillet Live at Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Till next year…

Australia day in Tennessee… what I miss about home right now

January 26 marks a special day on an Australia’s calendar – Australia Day! Officially its a day to remember the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships that came in from Britain in 1788. However in reality, its a public holiday where Aussie’s have a barbie, go for a swim, play a game of backyard cricket or just soak up some sunshine doing something outdoorsy.

Well, I’m in Nashville, Tennessee almost as far away from the sunshine and heat as they come so I thought I’d share some things I’m missing right now!
1. Pool parties with @festivallinda. How dare she twitpic pics of their pool party!!!

2. Eating a big roast lamb! Seriously I have very few friends here who’d even join me if I cooked one. Sam Kekovich would seriously be horrified! Watch his passionate plea to the world to eat lamb here.

3. My family… my niece and my little sister are probably going fishing with their pink girlie fishing rods!

4. Ginger Beer, lollies, Cadbury Chocolate (I know America has Cadbury… but take a close look at where it is made… Hershey’s factory… not cool!), Bakery’s with fresh bread, lamingtons and meat pies, sausage rolls, fish and chips… just to name a few.

5. The beach… what more do I need to say?

6. A roomful of Aussie’s accents, people joking around… mostly lots of sarcasm and bad jokes.

What I love about Nashville though…
1. The people that make this place feel like home. You know who you are… home is where friends make you feel loved and at ‘home’! Thank you for welcoming me into this town!

2. It’s country feel… the rollin’ green hills (at least thats what you see from the sky when you fly in during the spring!) the shades of Autumn… the (ever so slight!) chances of snow.

3. Grinning to myself everytime I hear a REAL southern accent! Sometimes I still don’t believe they really talk like that :-p

4. My friends graciously letting me brag on Australia and they even eat the ‘Aussie’ food I make and say they like it!

5. It’s cheaper to fill my car up with fuel here and to eat out!

6. We almost speak the same language! Every now and then I’ll have to explain ‘I’ll shout’ or how long a fortnight is… but most of my friends have gotten use to my lingo and understand me or just grin and pretend they did!

So cheers! Happy Australia Day! Find your local Outback Steakhouse and celebrate – even though they wont even realise there even is an Australia day! Below is a video of our shenanigan a few years ago at the Coolsprings one! Where you there?

Click here to watch if doesn’t load.

Australia Day with with the Aussie legends ‘Tommy Emmanuel’ and ‘Rick Price

Australia Day with Tommy Emmanuel and Rick Price

Yesterday we celebrated ‘Australia Day’ at Mike Rayson‘s house with the Australian legendary guitarist and showman “Tommy Emmanuel”. What an honour to meet this amazingly talented man! If you’ve never heard of him get your mind blown with his mad skills and check him out on youtube or on his website. He has an incredible ability to create a story orchestrating every sound with his single guitar. He also had his good mate with him, Rick Price another Australian legend artist who wrote songs like ‘Not a day goes by’ and ‘River of Love’. All the Aussie guitarists in the room tried in desperation to remain calm It truly was a ‘proud to be Australian’ moment… yet I’m sure opportunities like this ‘only happen in Nashville!’

Check out below the slightly dodgy video of the guys performing a silly Aussie song – ‘Tie me kangaroo down sport’.

Only in Nashville… is all I can say… we couldn’t have found a better way to celebrate Australia Day. Part 2 of Australia Day in America celebrations tonight at Outback Steak House on Moores Lane! All welcome!

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Party with a purpose success!

Meat pies… sausage rolls… sticky date pudding… all just an excuse to have a ‘Party with a Purpose!’ Last night I had about 15 peeps rock up for a bit of a traditional Aussie dinner to raise awareness and funds for ‘Project Gulu 61′. My friends generously gave and we saw about $300 come in. Thanks everyone! So awesome! My friend Bec has miraculously seen about $45 000 of the $1 000 000 come in!

If you weren’t at the party and would still like to give please let me know. Your contribution will go to restoring joy and life to the children of Northern Uganda.

The 2nd Annual Australia Day Celebrations…

True to Nashville style… double the amount of people who RSVP’d showed up to tonight’s ‘Australia Day’ celebrations at the Outback Steakhouse. I’m sure we slightly overwhelmed the waiters… who didn’t even know there was such a thing as ‘Australia Day’! The ‘Outback Steakhouse’ prides itself on it’s Australian foods… or should I say ‘Australian named’ foods. Check out the menu… there are a few fairly ‘non-aussie’ items! Sam Kekovich would be proud… I got to have a plate of Lamb chops!

Same place next year… or will we need to move to bigger premises! Thanks everyone for supporting your Aussie’s!

Proud to be Australian! I will admit!