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A photo of my MRI. The discs that are degenerative are darker and the obvious protrusion is between L4 & L5.

Over the last 18 months I have had significant lower back pain after putting it out pushing a couch in Tennessee last year. (Tip: Avoid couch pushing alone!)

I’ve been to Physio… Chiro… Osteopaths… Masseuse… doctors… naturopaths… Had X-Rays… Acupuncture and  had Micro çurrent treatment. Some thing’s helped short term but nothing seemed to work long term. Eventually I saw a specialist, Doctor Robert Labrom who made me get an MRI before the first consultation and with in two minutes and worked out  what the problem was. I have three degenerative discs (I still feel too young for a problem like this!!!) – seems like bailing hay as a primary schooler and falling off too many horses as a teenager hasn’t helped or it’s possibly inherited.

One of the discs was herniated and bulging out impinging on the spinal cord  between L4 & 5 causing sciatica pain.

So yesterday with the help of modern western technology, Doctor Labrom performed a fairly non intrusive surgery called lumber microdiscectomy and rhizolysis. It’s purpose is to remove a disc prolapse and relieve pressure on the nerve roots that leave the spine and run down to form the nerves in your legs.

Four tips I’ve learnt through this process:
One: Get advice from different people who’ve been through similar problems. Sometimes their referrals go a long way in finding solutions.

Two: I would recommend seeing a good specialist if pain persists after three months of Physio, Chiro… Etc.  As I said earlier, Doctor Labrom ordered me to get an MRI before coming to the first appointment and within 2 minutes had diagnosed the problem a normal x-ray couldn’t detect. The MRI was then super helpful to my Physio who took one look at the horribly underused muscles structure around the degenerative discs and reckons she’d never seen muscles that look so bad in her whole career!!
Three: Find solutions that help you! I believe my situation would have been made much worse with aggressive Chiropractic or Osteo work. After two Osteopathic treatments I was in excruciating pain. By no means is this saying this would not be successful for some people. Basically you have to find what works. And for sure try all ‘non surgical’ options before going under!  Ir’s a painful option!

Four: Keep active. Walk… Walk… Walk.  My dads had a bad back for years and was once told he’d need back surgery and with or without it he would never work full time again. So he decided against the surgery and crawled out of bed and began walking. He’s had problems over the years but still works hard, long hours at a manual job 30 years later. He would say staying in bed would be the worst solution!

So I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of back pain. Don’t know if I’ll ever be allowed to run again but I sure would love to run Bridge to Brisbane or a half marathon one day!

A verse from Psalms 90:12 has been a great reminder and encouragement over this time…  ”So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. ”

The trials and pain we go through on this earth are inevitable and should be used to steer is closer to our Heavenly Father and to give us more wisdom so we can know deeper his love for us. All the ‘stuff’ in this world fade away… Including our health. We kids eventually end up caring for our parents as they once did us. But the amazing assurance is we will pass from this life to the next and we will have new life and perfect health if we know Christ as Saviour.

Feeling very blessed. Thanks for your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Back surgery

  1. Joy, I hope you have been doing much better since you posted this. I suppose there are some nutritional supplements which will help take the edge off the suffering. I also need to be careful about my back; arthritis tends to run in my family; hopefully I haven’t inherited that problem. My best to you!

    @myfoxmystere (Twitter)

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