A picturesque Savannah, Georgia


After visiting Atlanta, Georgia last week, my friend Holly and Melissa (both friends from Nashville) joined Holly’s family on a couple day holiday in Savannah, Georgia and stayed in the heart of the historical district.  It was fascinating!  The historical heritage is still incredibly rich with the city being established in 1733 it had escaped Sherman’s scorched earth strategy during the Civil war.

It really is a place you must just visit to fully experience the beauty and essence of this place.  I struggled the whole time I was there trying to capture in a photo exactly what I saw… and failed miserably!  Here a few snaps I took that hopefully give you enough of a taste to check it out for yourself!

Cobble stone roads made from stones ships brought from China to keep them afloat when empty!

The streets of Savannah look awesome at night... haunted like... with veils of draping moss

I just loved taking photos of doors

Aren’t they just fascinating?!?!

How about the secret garden?

Holly’s tempted to steal a bike…


Fascinating church built in the 1800′s


Put Savannah Georgia on the bucket list!   Pack a book and escape the business of the real world and enjoy one of the many park ‘squares’ the town has.  This historical district of Savannah is impressive… so if you are an artist or writer I’m sure this place will inspire you no end…  I guess that’s why they have an art college there – SCAD.  It’s also less then half an hour away from Tybee Island so if you wanna include a visit to the beach while you’re in the area you can.  Definitely recommend a visit to Savannah!

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